Director’s greetings

Dear players, sponsor and donators, volunteers and tennis enthusiasts,

it is my pleasure to write this text again because it means we are one year older. I am proud to see that for the 7th year in a row we are organizing a tournament where every person (player or visitor) feels welcome. My successful team and their enthusiasm keeps us going and makes this tournament awesome.

Praises that we receive and smiles on our players’ faces are the proof that we are doing a good job. A recipe for a sure and extraordinary success is a positive and enthusiastic team gathered with one purpose – to show that sport knows no limits.

Also, I’m aware that our efforts would be useless without our sponsors and donators, friends that help us financially year after year. Hopefully, together we will create wonderful memories and I will be able to write this words again on the 10th or 15th tournament.

See you at the place where sport knows no limits!

Bojan Kovač
Sirius Open tournament director