Star of the tournament Sirius Open 2020

Choosing a Star of Sirius Open tournament has become a tradition and year after year you, our dear players, vote for other contestants that in your opinion should become Star of the tournament. This year we have a special prize that will make you happy. With an appropriate souvenir, the Star of the tournament will also get a free application (entry) for Sirius Open 2021!

Find out the mechanics and rules of Star of the tournament competition:

How to vote:

  • The voting will take place during the players’ party 
  • Sirius Open volunteers will approach every player and give them a tablet to vote for any player that they believe should be the Star of the tournament


  • Every player must vote for any other player that they believe should be the Star of the tournament for any reason they choose (personality, match, skill, mood…)
  • Only players can vote for the Star of the tournament (coaches and support are not allowed to vote)
  • Every player can vote just one (1) time – for one (1) other player
  • Players can’t vote for themselves – they have to vote for one other player. Volunteers will oversee the voting. If player votes for themselves that vote will be disqualified.

Choosing the Star of the tournament:

  • The poll will automatically count the votes and filter the player with most votes
  • Player with most votes is the Star of the tournament Sirius Open powered by Pharmakon 2020
  • In case of a tie (two or more players with the same number of votes) the voting will be immediately repeated – then, all the players will be able to vote only for those players that had the same number of votes.


  • The prize is a free application (entry) to Sirius Open 2021 tournament
  • To use the prize – a winner must sign up for Sirius Open 2021 (once the application is opened in 2021)
  • The prize can’t be transferred to another person
  • The prize is valid only for Sirius Open 2021 tournament
  • The prize can’t be replaced for cash

With this competition we want to highlight a friendly environment of Sirius Open tournament and we encourage companionship and getting to know the friendly competition.

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